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The Grammar Module is the foundation module of the EGUMPP learning system. In this module, students develop a complete understanding of sentence structure by learning to identify the parts of speech, phrases, clauses, and sentence types. Once the concepts and the terminology in this module are learned, students are able to interpret and apply the rules pertaining to usage, punctuation, and writing mechanics to their sentences.

Average time to complete: 15 to 20 hours

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Twenty Lessons

The Grammar Module includes these lessons:

  • 1. Noun Subjects
  • 2. Pronoun Subjects
  • 3. Main Verbs and Helping Verbs
  • 4. Transitive and Intransitive Verbs and Direct Objects
  • 5. Adjectives
  • 6. Adverbs
  • 7. Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases
  • 8. Linking Verbs
  • 9. Indirect Objects
  • 10. Appositives and Appositive Phrases
  • 11. Participles and Participial Phrases
  • 12. Gerunds and Gerund Phrases
  • 13. Infinitives and Infinitive Phrases
  • 14. Review of Verbals
  • 15.Coordinating and Correlative Conjunctions
  • 16. Adverb Clauses
  • 17. Adjective Clauses
  • 18. Noun Clauses
  • 19. Review of Clauses
  • 20. Sentence Types

Lesson Format

Each lesson includes learning content and three interactive exercises.

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Each lesson includes these six sections:

  • Video Introduction
  • Lesson Introduction & Overview
  • Points to Remember
  • Tutorial Exercise (non-graded exercise)
  • Lesson Reinforcer (non-graded exercise)
  • Practice to Mastery (graded test)

Tutorial Exercise

Each consecutive lesson is a building-block lesson with a new part of speech introduced in each new lesson. Starting in Lesson 1, the user just identifies the noun subject in a sentence; however, by Lesson 20, the user is identifying the function of all words in all types of sentences that include varies types of phrases and clauses.

In this exercise, following step-by-step instructions, the user will learn to identify the function of each word in the displayed sentence. With each instruction, audio explanations, audio reminders, and video examples are available.

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Lesson Reinforcer Exercise

  • Reinforces the key concept within the lesson
  • Includes video instructions
  • Uses a multiple-choice format – each attempt requires reviewing sentences for specific concepts related to the lesson
  • Challenges students with a game-like completion requirement that aids in retaining the lesson concept

Practice to Mastery Exercise (Graded Test)

  • Requires identification of the function of each word in the sentence
  • Includes video instructions
  • Includes audio reminders for each word-function choice
  • Displays correct answers after each sentence attempt
  • Displays a “score-to-beat” to challenge students to improve their grades
  • Allows unlimited retests
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