Why Grammar Still Matters

Poor grammar and writing are reaching an epidemic level. There are numerous reports showing how far behind American students are in math and science, but there is a growing concern that many students do not have the grammar and writing skills needed to succeed in today’s digital workplace. In many careers, writing is essential.

why grammar mattersHowever, as these facts illustrate, too many students are graduating from high schools and post-secondary schools lacking the grammar skills needed for effective writing.

  • On the 2011 National Performance in Writing Test, only 27 percent of both 8th and 12th graders scored proficient or better.
  • A 2013 Society of Human Resource Management Survey reports that “Forty-nine percent of human resource officials polled by the organization said this year’s [2013] college graduates lack Basic English skills in grammar and spelling.”
  • In the Career Advisory Board’s 2014 Job Preparedness Indicator survey, the executive summary states “At the entry-level, the greatest gap between what hiring managers are looking for and what candidates are showcasing occurs with the adaptability and written communication skills.”

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