Online Grammar Software

What is EGUMPP?

EGUMPP is an online software program for teaching and learning English grammar, usage, punctuation, and writing mechanics. EGUMPP provides the essential grammar foundation students need to become effective writers and communicators in today’s digital world.

EGUMPP is an acronym for English Grammar Usage Mechanics Punctuation Program.

Most students are able to complete EGUMPP in fewer than 30 hours.

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Powerful Online Grammar Program
  • Innovative approach using technology for teaching grammar concepts
  • Varying methods of instruction delivery–including video
  • Immediate feedback after each attempt
  • Automatic grading of all exercises
  • Instructor Portal for managing progress
Key Features
  • Simple to use and easy to implement
  • Challenges and engages students
  • Develops critical thinking rather than just promoting rote memorization
  • Deepens student understanding of critical and core concepts

Four Online Modules

EGUMPP includes four independent modules. Each module is divided into lessons, and each lesson includes learning content, audio, video, and three interactive exercises.

Grammar Module
Grammar Module

Students develop a complete understanding of sentence structure by learning to identify the function of all words in a sentence including the different types of phrases, clauses, and sentence types.

Usage Module
Usage Module

Students learn to identify and correct the most common usage errors found in writing.

Punctuation Module
Punctuation Module

Students learn a unique systematic approach to punctuating a sentence correctly.

Writing Mechanics Module
Writing Mechanics Module

Student learn how to identify and correct the most common writing mistakes.



EGUMPP Testimonials

What Other Educators Are Saying

Here is what a couple of teachers who have used EGUMPP have to say about it:

We are definitely seeing the difference

After a lot of research into possible answers to this problem `{`lack of grammar background`}`, we chose EGUMPP as the best way to give our students the grammar background we wanted them to have. EGUMPP is a part of our freshmen-level Media Writing course now, and we are definitely seeing the difference in the grammar, punctuation, and usage skills of our students.”

Tommy Thomason, Former Director of Texas Center for Community Journalism, Texas Christian University

Effective way to teach grammar

EGUMPP approaches the English language using an analytical approach that is an effective way to teach grammar, usage, mechanics, and punctuation to native English speakers and ESL speakers alike. It is effective for both individual and classroom use, and we have found it to be a valuable tool in our post-secondary grammar and composition classes.

Executive Director of a two-year post-secondary school