Module IV – Writing Mechanics

Module IV Sample Screen
Module IV provides a unique, interactive approach to understanding and correcting the most common writing mistakes in the English language and teaches how to correct or improve sentences that are not clear and concise. Understanding the Points to Remember and completing the eight lessons of this module will significantly improve writing, proofreading, and editing skills.

Module IV Features and Specifications

Lesson Concepts
These are the core concepts presented for Module IV that lead to the targeted writing competencies.
  • Sentence Fragments and Run-on Sentences
  • Misplaced Modifiers
  • Unparallel Structure
  • Word Mistakes
  • Ineffective and Inappropriate Words
  • Unnecessary Words
  • Wordy Elements
  • Unclear Elements
Targeted Writing Competencies
These are the target writing competencies that each individual should achieve after completing Module IV.

The ability to identify and correct:
  • sentence fragments.
  • run-on sentences.
  • sentences with misplaced modifiers.
  • sentences with unparallel structure.
  • sentences with word mistakes.
  • sentences with ineffective and/or inappropriate words.
  • sentences with unnecessary words.
  • sentences with wordy elements.
  • sentences with unclear elements such as an unclear pronoun reference, a dangling modifier, an incorrect pronoun shift, or an incorrect verb tense shift.
Lesson Formats
Module IV consist of eight lessons. Each lesson includes the following six sections:
  • Lesson Introduction
  • Rules to Follow
  • Lesson Reinforcer
  • Practice to Mastery Part A (graded test)
  • Practice to Mastery Part B (graded test)
  • Terms and Tasks Flash Cards
Details Overview
EGUMPP was designed to use technlogy to improve learning, to provide a systematic approach for developing a solid understanding of fundamental skills, and to support teachers. Some of the ways Module IV accomplishes these goals are described below:
  • Eight lessons
  • Three interactive exercises per lesson
  • Unique grading system that allows continuous improvement of lesson grades
  • System grading of all exercises
  • Immediate feedback after each attempt (allows instant review of mistakes)
  • Lesson ending flash cards
  • Two-part mastery test
  • Lesson content presented as easy-to-remember rules
  • Detailed printable grade report
  • Completely online
  • Minimal amount of time required for completion (time required ranges from 7 to 15 hours)
Exercise Details
Each lesson includes these three interactive exercises.

Reinforcer Details
  • Focuses on the key concept within the lesson
  • Using a multiple-choice format, each attempt requires reviewing sentences for specific concepts related to the lesson
  • Unique completion requirement that aids in retaining the lesson concept

Practice to Mastery Part A
  • Graded Exercise
  • Displays two or more sentences and requires selecting the correct sentence
  • Displays correct answers after each attempt
  • Challenges individuals by displaying his or her score to beat
  • Allows unlimited retests

Practice to Mastery Part B
  • Graded Exercise
  • Reinforces the lesson content from all previous lessons
  • Requires determining if the displayed sentence is correct or incorrect and identifying the type of writing error if the sentence is incorrect
  • Provides a code-analysis report after each test attempt
  • Displays correct answers after each attempt
  • Challenges individuals by displaying his or her score to beat
  • Allows unlimited retests